We had engaged Choo from Nij Design to help us with the renovation of our home.  After discussing with 5 other IDs from notable companies, our first encounter with Choo prompted us that we need not look further. Choo shared with us the methodology that he will be utilizing to meet our objectives. He was direct in his approach and advised that he will be sharing with us the mood board that he believes can help us achieve the concept we wanted by the second visit. During our second appointment he surprised us with a perspective of our unit together with the mood board without even taking any payment. Most IDs would only provide a 2D hand drawing of the layout. However, Choo differentiated himself from most IDs as he had value added his proposal with collaterals that helped us visualize the look we wanted. We didnt hesitate to hire him as he continued to assure us that he could work with the budget that we have. He always had a workaround to most problems and was always ready to take our messages or requests. We hit it off quite easily as he could relate to our needs to build our first home. The works he did was ahead of the timeline he proposed but what was most impressive was his prompt updates at every milestone and the support he gave us to receive the deliveries on our behalf. Quality was not compromised and he displayed initiative to highlight work defects that he would rectify as soon as he could. We enjoyed working with Choo as he makes good his project milestones and constantly provides us assurances of keeping to the budget. When engaging Nij Design, do ask for Choo and you would not be disappointed.​


- Azri Ngasiran